Introducing Domonique JL Mason

Introducing Domonique JL Mason


Introducing Domonique Mason, a talented songbird with a natural gift for creating meaningful music. Growing up singing in church and developing her sound as a praise and worship leader, Domonique has honed her craft over the years. Her songwriting process is unique, as she has the ability to create songs on the spot based on conversations about life, love, and spirituality.

In 2017, Domonique reconnected with Brandon Ross (Plan B) who had recently relocated to Atlanta. Together they began recording music, with some of the first songs they created being "Work Hard" and "Good or Bad." Her powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics resonate with women of all walks of life.

Fast forward to present day, and Domonique's "Good or Bad" was featured on episode 511 of BET PLUS "All the Queens Men," starring Eva Marcille. The team at 1985 music is proud of her huge accomplishments and her single "Good or Bad," produced by Brandon Ross, is now available on all DSPs. Keep an eye out for more from this rising star in the music industry.



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Love it sis.Congratulations I’m so Happy for you.

Tracy Tucker

Beautiful song and beautiful person!! Love it!! Blessings!! 🦋

Carla Gold

I love it Sis!!!🔥 I enjoyed the single. Can’t wait for more.

Dashawn Mason

That’s hot baby, I’m so proud of you. This is your moment shine!

Tracy A Mason Sr (Daddy)

Absolutely headed in the right direction because you’re already there! Dope vibe can’t wait to hear more.

Otis Ross

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