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1 Hour Consultation

1 Hour Consultation

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Welcome to our hour-long consultation on Music/Sync Licensing & Music Business Strategies! During this session, we will cover various topics to help you navigate the music industry and maximize your opportunities as a music creative. Here's what you can expect to be included in the consultation:

  1. Music/Sync Licensing: We will discuss the world of music licensing and synchronization, exploring how your music can be licensed for various purposes such as films, TV shows, commercials, and more. You will learn about the different types of licenses, how to protect your rights, and strategies for getting your music placed in sync opportunities.

  2. DIY Music Business Strategies: We will delve into effective strategies for building and managing your music business independently. This includes guidance on self-promotion, networking, marketing, and creating a strong brand presence. You will gain insights into developing a business mindset and practical approaches for advancing your music career.

  3. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs): We will explore major performing rights organizations such as SESAC, ASCAP, and BMI. You will learn how these organizations protect your performance and royalty rights, how to join them, and how they collect and distribute royalties on your behalf.

  4. Collection of Royalties: We will discuss platforms like SoundExchange and Songtrust that specialize in collecting and distributing royalties for artists. You will gain an understanding of how these platforms work, how to register your music, and how to ensure you receive the royalties you are owed.

  5. Music Distribution: We will provide guidance on music distribution, covering both digital and physical distribution channels. You will learn about popular platforms and services for distributing your music to streaming platforms, online stores, and physical outlets.

  6. Recording, Mixing & Mastering Tips: We will share valuable tips and best practices for recording, mixing, and mastering your music. You will gain insights into achieving professional sound quality and optimizing your recordings for various platforms and formats.

  7. Personal and Business Credit Building: We will touch upon the importance of personal and business credit when it comes to financial matters in the music industry. You will learn how to establish and build credit as a music creative, which can be beneficial for securing funding, loans, or negotiating favorable deals.

  8. Content Creation & More: Finally, we will discuss the significance of content creation in today's digital landscape. You will gain insights into creating engaging content across various platforms to build a loyal fan base and enhance your music career. Additionally, we will address any specific questions or concerns you may have during the consultation.

By the end of this hour-long consultation, you will have a solid foundation in key areas of music/sync licensing, DIY music business strategies, royalties collection, distribution, recording techniques, credit building, content creation, and more.

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